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is a big-time popular activity in many Asian countries just as online betting is in North and South American countries and is in most European countries as well. As you’d think it to be such, online sports betting bookies are the big draw ranking in the most cash with Asian high roller players.

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Japan’s Online Gambling Culture

In Japan people are crazy in love with Baseball (in a good & positive way that reminds me playing baseball as a kid).

In addition to the wild high limit gambler’s life style, I find the Japanese culture respectful, intelligent, patient, disciplined and strong willed for the greater good. These are qualities that I’d like to see more of in people in the world in general.

Lessons to learn from the Japanese

Maybe we can all learn some lessons from Japan’s cultural influence over technology in America.

Technological Advancement

The Japanese usually get their latest cutting edge technology way ahead of US ~1-30 years on average.

They’re using mobile phones now that can roll up tp a small pencil size. We wont see those same technologies for a couple more years in the US. There is a foldable & bendable mobile phone out at Verizon & ATT stores now in America, however its still years behind Japan’s technology lead.

Bleeding edge, innovative technology arrives in Japan ~1-3 years before the same new high tech gear makes its way to the United States into American’s homes.

Japan Casinos Online

The same principles apply to the gambling lifestyle in Japan.

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There are many very successful people that have a lot of money to spend on the luxury of a high roller’s lifestyle.

One of the ways the elite Japanese high roller online casino players get their thrills is betting $500,000 on a single hand of online baccarat.

That’s a rumor I heard the the vines however I can’t confirm 100%. Although, it seems both very reasonable and likely to be one of many natural outcomes of such circumstances.

I’ve some gambled extremely high stakes in my lifetimes, but never $500,000 on a single hand of blackjack. Baccarat is the elite game of choice for the Japanese super wealthy and when they show up to bet then the guys SHOW UP TO BET!

My biggest win (how much I got UP) was just over $100,000. That was not on one hand though. I was betting $5,000 per blackjack hand at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa Florida about 4-5 years ago.

It was really incredible how I wildly pulled the big win off. It wasn’t just pure luck. There was a great deal of super high level skill involved on my part of the play, decisions, numbers, experiments and mental control… Until I lost mental control.

Dangers of addiction to betting

I struggle with gambling addictive traits and compulsive behavior problems. Obsessive even at time.

It’s my brain. Its like a quantum computer from the future on steroids. Even I can’t explain some of the things that I know entirely yet shouldn’t. Which is a little strange I guess.

All I know is that I should have quit that day up over $100,000.

That would have been the most amazing feeling. And that outcome likely did in fact happen. Just not in this dimension that we currently understand as the reality of time and space.

My disgust of that final outcome was leaving the casino 2 or 3 days later having lost around $30,000 all together on that trip.

That’s just so disgusting when I had not only once chance to stop with a $100K profit. I had a second chance to stop walk away with $100K. I even had a 3rd and final chance to stop UP $60,000.

But NO, I gambled like a compulsive addict for days & days without sleep and didn’t I stop betting until I’d lost the $30K bankroll.

That’s a real and true story.

That’s scary man!

Gaming addiction is not to be taken lightly. Take it from me because Ive been battling it for the last decade or so. Today I just prefer to play the free Gamble Rock casino games such as Free Slots 777 and 6 Deck Blackjack where you can play 3 hands of blackjack on the same deal. And I get to save money 🙂

The Best Blackjack Player Ever

As a true blackjack fan and self described ultimate blackjack guru of the game, I’ve got to tell you its great to be able to play one, two, or three hands of blackjack.

And you have control over that aspect.

This is one way to run the shoe on the casino by masterfully switching up the number of hands you’re playing at once. If you get it right then your golden and will lose only a few hands in the last 80% if the shoe. If you get it WRONG however, then you’re dead in a couple minutes or less because you might be losing 3 hands on a singe deal.

This type of card navigation requires a very solid understanding of the shoe’s cards’ number formats (sum equations) & shuffling patterns.

I’ve played so much blackjack they should name a room after me, or, at least a blackjack pit of mid roller tables. Sorry for the little tangent.

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Let me get back to the topic of online gambling in Japan. If you want to find a trustworthy sportsbook to bet on a baseball game or a fight maybe, you can find useful some great software & bonus review information about the best casino online JP players in 2020 on

On-line casinos, particularly in Japan, are bringing in some serious coins to web casino operators catering to Japanese live dealer, high roller gamblers.

This Asian online casinos review site lists trustworthy internet casinos for players located counties throughout Asia.

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