Online gambling is exploding in the United States of America. Its exciting to see the progress made over the last couple of years.

Gambling Online

US States with legal sports betting

In 2020 there is now legal online gambling in the USA in several major states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and most recently couple of others including Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, South Carolina, Illinois, New York, New Hampshire, Oregon and now California.

STATES ONLINE CASINO: Map of southwest United States. Includes California, Las Vegas Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. States with legal Sports betting laws &/or policies underway discussion.

Wave of US sports betting legalization coming

All Time Gambling Classic: More States Getting on the Legal Sports Betting USA Bandwagon.

Plus another 15-20 more American states are in talks of passing internet sports gambling legislation to allow for sports bettors located only with state boarders sometime in 2020-2021.

  • Florida could potentially be the next state to allow internet gambling, however it remains to be seen. As of now, they have remained on the sidelines.
  • As Bob Marley said with pure love in his heart, “Time alone… Time will tell” with the time traveler 😉 One Love

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to roll I suggest starting with my list of the best online casinos that payout as your SOC origins starting point.

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Betting / Online Gambling is Dangerous & Risky by its Very Nature

I want to caution you about the risk and costs of gambling in general.

Gambling Education

I hope to educate you of the dangers based on my lifetime gambling lessons that I’ve learned through approximately 10,000 hours of real world casino gambling, playing one game. Blackjack.


I know & understand the world famous casino game of blackjack better than anybody that EVER played the game. Ever, I mean that!

NOT ONLY that. I play the game at least 2 skill levels higher than the average blackjack professional player, probably three levels higher than most “PRO” blackjack payers. I welcome any and all blackjack heads up & or tournaments which allow for player versus player challenges on this grand statement at any time, whether I’m “retired” or “quit” from official gambling or not.

I promise that I’m a humble person and I don’t brag about myself in general. I’m just a bluntly honest person & always tell it like it is to everyone. All the time.

It is what it is you know. If I can succeed in educating you ABOUT GAMBLING then you’ll NOT do it. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

I always do what I can to help other people in life.
Its my purpose to lift people up and improve their lives in some meaningful way for them

That makes running an online gambling advertisement business a tricky place. Get paid to help your bring wagering action to casinos (aka advertising of internet betting Ads).

This is even more-so trickily true when your a recovering/recovered blackjack gambling addict with a few screws loose in another dimension.

That’s another story.

Gambling HELP

Let me help you.

Please Don’t go down the DARK PATH of GAMBLING ADDICTION.

Stay in the light. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO ITS BEST and Cherish Family and YOUR LOVED ONES.

If your GAMBLING ACTIVITY is causing life problems its time for you to take a 1 year gambling break. Period. I’ve taken this (minimum 1 year 100% break from GAMBLING) 3 times in my lifetime so far. I don’t think a 4th 1 year break will be needed because I’ve eventually learned to gamble only lightly and only on occasion.

It took almost 5 years to get to this point. So clearly there’s potential danger involved with casino gambling activities for people with mental health & addiction problems.


However if you’re a RESPONSIBLE gambler and bet for entertainment only, then you’ll also learn that in addition to blackjack, I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing (reviewing internet casinos) since 2001, so its been a very long time.

Trusted Gambling Sites

So… Obviously I know which casinos are trustworthy operators and which gambling websites you’d be best advised to not bet with at all due to their lack of character, ethics or moral fiber. Not to mention the louse software providers to need to avoid when betting on the inter-net.

Casino Advertising

Just so that I’m clear on this, my business is an online casino marketing business. So earns money when people visit a casino through our website. This does NOT make us completely biased. However it does make us somewhat biased just as are all other internet advertisers inherently existing online.

I/We have ethical/technical/legal guidelines that we follow at all times first and foremost. The importance of that is such that it comes first, before the goal of earning a healthy & profitable living.

Online Gambling Guidelines

  • We do not list casinos which are untrustworthy or considerable with regards to their reputation or ethics.
  • We do not list unlicensed casinos generally speaking.
  • Occasionally there might an old link somewhere of a casino no longer in operation (just an example).
  • That type of thing could get lost in translation temporarily.

However, that is not the same as providing advertising to known lousy, unfair crooks of what pretend to be gaming operators. That is something that I and we will never do for any number of dollars.

Web Casinos

All casinos online that we approve and we rank in our top 5 list and top 10 list are legal, licensed online gaming operators that have 10+ years experience delivering first class gambling games to online casino players internationally.

I assure you that I’ll provide you with honest, educated, wise, unique and insightful gambling information into the world of blackjack and casino/sports gambling overall.


Deep Learning

On I provide you with a free deep learning experience based on enormous amounts of surprising statistical blackjack data that I’ve observed playing around 10,000 hours of blackjack in my life. Truly.

It turns out to be shocking – the reveal of what casinos will actually do to stop the best blackjack player ever who happens to be a gambling addict.

If I wasn’t a gambling addict the casinos wouldn’t let me play.

Many casinos have told me this/confirmed this. But I do have a very addictive personality and have gambled for more than 100 hours straight before with no sleep.

I only share this so you pay attention to my lessons cause they’ll be nonstop and in detail so please do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and PAY ATTENTION.

Pay attention to these gamble lessons very closely

You’ll be super happy to have paid attention and taken the time to learn critical gambling lessons that are worth Millions. Again, Literally.

SOC Gambling Lesson # 1: Don’t Expect to make money. Instead, plan to spend/lose what money you bring for your gambling bankroll for whatever/all size stakes wagering.

States Online Casino: Laws on Casinos

Before 2010 the US FBI was adamant about maintaining that online gambling was illegal. However, their original position was eventually clarified their accusations of illegality were incorrect.

The Obama Administration clarified the now infamous Federal Wire Act did not apply to casino & poker games which opened the doors to legal online casinos in the United States of America at first.

What states have legal sports betting?

AND So… Is online gambling legal or illegal now?

Well, let me try my best to adequately explain this without over complicating an already extremely complicated legal matter. It depends.

In some states in the USA such as Nevada (for Online Poker only), New Jersey (casino, poker, sports), Delaware (casino, poker, sports) & Pennsylvania (Sports Betting, Casino, Poker) and West Virginia (Casino, Online Sports Betting) the respective casino / sporting / wager games are allowed for people placing bets from within the state’s physical boarders.

That’s the thing (in some of the United States), online gambling is not illegal legal as long as the wager doesn’t cross over state boarders. (NJ,PA,DE,WV,MD,IL).

NJ Success with Online Gambling Websites

New Jersey’s success with internet gambling to date has been super impressive with multiple major casino gaming operators that are now available online with iconic casino brands like MGM & Hard Rock for example.

Casino, poker players, lottery & online sports bettors are all naturally loving these USA licensed internet betting sportsbook options available to many United States based cyber-gamblers. Discover the best gambling sites in 2020 on

If you’re a LUCKY ONE located in a state with legal online casino gambling play a hand of blackjack for me. NOT LITERALLY, that’s just an expression. Good luck and HAVE FUN & Most Importantly:


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