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Denmark Gambling

Danish Gambling Information

Gambling in Denmark is state-regulated. The national gaming monopoly runs all aspects of the betting industry. The European Union and the Danish government remain locked in court cases to decide the fate of Danish gambling laws.

The History of Denmark

Denmark is a small country in the north of Europe. Along with Norway, Sweden and Finland, Denmark is considered part of Scandinavia. Denmark was considered a player on the international scene as late as the 17th century, though Sweden’s power eventually eclipsed that of Denmark’s. With the growing power of Russia and Prussia in northern Europe, Denmark was relegated to the role of a minor power in the 18th century. Denmark maintained neutrality and continued to prosper throughout this age.

Neutrality allowed Denmark to hold onto possessions like Iceland and Greenland, which were part of an earlier colonial history on the part of the Danes. Iceland and Greenland gained independence after World War II, when Denmark was invaded with Germany. Danish resistance to the Nazi’s lasted two hours, though many Danes helped sneak Jews out of Nazi-dominated Europe. The Danes were albe to send fleeing Jews through neutral Sweden.

Denmark: The Happiest Place on Earth

Polls in 2006 and 2007 showed Denmark to be the happiest place on Earth. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, was rated the 3rd best city on Earth in which to live. These rankings generally rate factors like education, health and welfare

Denmark is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. Denmark uses the Scandinavian model as a welfare state, while it was a founding member of the European Economic Community in 1973. Since that time, the EEC became the European Union. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy.

The king appoints the Prime Minister, the chief executive of Denmark. The legislative assembly, the Folketinget, is considered the supreme power in the land. The Prime Minister and his ministers are responsible to this Danish parliament.

State-Run Gambling in Denmark

Being a socialist state, Denmark has many industries controlled by the state. Gambling is one industry heavily regulated by state authorities, and several sub-sets of the gambling industry are under direct government control. This has brought Denmark unwanted attention by authorities of the European Union, who want to break down most trade barriers between European states.

The Gambling Age in Denmark

Denmark has considered lowering its gambling age to 16. This would place Denmark among European countries with the lowest gambling ages. The proposed law would allow Danes of 16 or over to buy scratch off tickets or place wagers in casinos.

Casinos in Denmark

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Royal Scandinavian Casino – Aarhus
Casino Copenhagen – Copenhagen S
Casino Marienlyst – Helsingor
Casino Odense – Odense
Casino Munkedjerg Vejle – Vejle

Lotteries in Denmark

Denmark has two major legal lotteries. These lotteries are Det Danske Klasselotteri A/S and Dansk Tipstjeneste AS.

Danish Sports Betting

Denmark’s sports betting is legal only when gambling through state-controlled operators. Danish laws keep international gambling interests from taking Danish sports bets, but allows for their own national sports betting operations to run games.

State-run sports betting is allowed to advertise their games and try to meet revenue quotas. In the eyes of the European Union, this makes the Danish sports betting games “for profit”. Denmark officials claim their state-run games are non-profit. The EU disagrees and has warned Denmark that it will seek to eliminate Danish restrictions through the European Court of Justice. Denmark is one of nearly a dozen European countries which have butted heads with the EU on gambling laws.

Online Poker Pro Scandinavia

The major gambling publication in Denmark Online Poker Pro Scandinavia. This is the only betting publication distributed in all four Scandinavian countries.

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