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Macau Gambling

Macao Gambling Information

Macau Special Administrative Region in southern China. Macau was governed by Portugal until 1999, when sovereignty was turned over to China according to the Sino-Portuguese Join Declaration and the Basic Law of Macau.

This treaty allows for Macau to maintain a degree of autonomy until 2049, when the 50-year treaty comes to an end. Like Hong Kong, Macau enjoys the benefits of the Chinese “one country, two systems” arrangement. Macau is the gambling capital of China, with dozens of casinos.

Macau is considered the richest per capita economy in Asia, according to a recent study. Despite having only half-a-million citizens, Macau has the world’s 20th largest economy. Casino gambling is a large part of that economy.

Casinos in Macau

Most of the casinos in the Macau Province are in Macao City, though a handful of other casinos and racetracks exist throughout this special administrative division of China.

The casinos not found in Macau City or Taipa are Mocha Marina Plaza in Andar and Galaxy Starworld Hotel in Cotai.

Mocha Marina Plaza (Andar) – Marina Plaza is a 20,000 property which houses 300 video gaming machines of various types.

Galaxy Starworld Hotel (Cotai) – Galaxy Star World Casino is an immense 140,000 square ft. casino which is large even by Las Vegas standards. The casino floor has 238 gaming tables and 500 slot machines and video poker machines. Galaxy StarWorld Hotel also has seven restaurants, a bar and a 507 room hotel. The casino stays open 24 hours a day.

Casino Casa Real in Macau – Casino Casa Real has 70 gaming tables, which feature most of the major casino games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. Call +853 727 991 for more information about Casa Real Casino.

Casino Diamond (Macau) – Casino Diamond has 32 gaming machines and 6 table games. The casino is open 24 hours a day and can be reached at +853 781 187 or their toll free fax number at +853 786 424.

Casino Fortuna (Macau) – Casino Fortuna has 35 table games, including a sizable number of blackjack and roulette tables. Fortuna Casino also houses a Chinese restaurant, a Portuguese restaurant, a bar and a hotel.

Casino Golden Dragon (Macau) – Golden Dragon Casino 123 gaming machines and 70 table games. The contact number at Casino Golden Dragon is +853 727 979.

Casino Jai Alai (Macau) – Casino Jai Alai has 208 gaming machines and 59 table games. The phone number for general information at Jai Alai Casino is +853 726 086.

Casino Kingsway (Macao) – Casino Kingsway is open 16 hours a day, from noon until 4am. The casino floors is home to 180 slot machines and 8 gaming tables, including baccarat and roulette. The property is home to a 410 room casino and also holds a coffee house, Chinese restaurant, health club, karaoke bar, gift shops and night club. There are several phone numbers to reach Kingsway Casino, including +853 702 888, +853 780 168 and +853 786 371.

Casino Lisboa (Macau) – Casino Lisboa is one of the largest casinos in Macao. It holds 480 slots and video poker machines and 240 gaming tables, including Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Boule and Fan Tan. The property also holds a 1,000 room casino, two coffee shops, a Chinese restaurant, a French restaurant, a Dim Sum restaurant, a disco dance hall, health club, sauna, nightclub, gift ships, swimmming pool and jewelry store. The general information number at Lisbon Casino is +853 377 666, and you can visit their website at

Casino Oriental (Macau) – Oriental Casino is open 16 hours a day, from noon until 4am. The casino has 59 gaming machines and 11 table games, including Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Boule. Casino Oriental also has two cafes, a deli, a bar, an Italian restaurant and Asian restaurant on the property. The contact numbers for Casino Oriental are +853 567 888, +853 701 795, +853 701 803 and +853 705 681.

Casino Pharaoh’s Palace & Casino (Macao) – The Casino Pharaoh’s Palace and Casino Club Vip Legend has 491 gaming machines and 38 table games, includinbg baccarat, blackjack, roulette and both stud and holdem poker. Casino Pharaoh’s has a 5 restaurants, 3 lounges and 2 bars on the premises. The casino also has an arcade, driving range, putting green, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, massage therapists, swimming pool, daycare center and shopping mall. The Casino Pharaoh’s Palace phone number is +853 788 111.

Grand Emperor Hotel & Casino (Macao) – Grand Emperor Casino has 333 slot machines and 64 casino table games, including baccarat, blackjack and roulette. The contact information for Grand Emperor has +853 383 898.

Kam Pek Arabian Nights & Louvre Casino (Macau) – The Louvre Casino has 71 gaming machines and 24 table games. The phone number for Kam Pek Arabian Nights and Louvre Casino is +853 780 168.

MGM Grand Macau (Macao) – MGM Grand is the largest casino in Macau. It has 888 slot machines and video poker machines, as well as 385 casino table games. This means that MGM Grand Macau has all the major casino games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, 7-Card Stud, Omaha Holdem and Texas Hold ‘Em. For general information about MGM Grand Macau, dial +853 981 7500 or visit the web address at

Mocha Sintra Casino & Hotel (Macau) – Mocha Sintra Casino has 130 video gaming machines.

Mocha Slots Club & Royal Hotel (Macao) – Mocha Slot Club offers 85 slots and is on the site of a hotel. Mocha Slot Club also houses a restaurant and cafe. Dial +853 287 80233 for more information about Mocha Slot Club and Casino.

Mocha Taipa Casino & Hotel (Macau) – Mocha Taipa Casino is home to 168 gaming machines. The property is open on 24 hours.

Ponte 16 Casino (Macau) – Ponte 16 Casino is a 270,000 square foot casino with 300 slots and 105 game tables. The casino also houses three restaurants and a 400 room hotel. Call +853 287 16157 for general inquiries about Ponte Sixteen Casino.

President Casino (Macau) – Casino President has 20 gaming tables, a restaurant and a 212-room hotel.

Rio Casino (Macau) – Casino Rio features 90 table games and 150 gaming machines, along with a Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant and Western-style coffee shop.

Sands Macao Casino (Macau) – Sands Macao is the largest casino in China. It has 750 gaming machines and amazing 1,000 table games. These games include Blackjack, Baccarat, 3 Card Baccarat, Roulette, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Big-Small Chinese Sic Bo. The casino property has 5 restaurants and 2 bars and a hotel with 51 VIP suites alone. The Sands Macau Casino phone information is +853 288 83388.

Star World Hotel & Casino (Macao) – Starworld Casino has 300 casino table games and 371 gaming machines. The property has 2 Chinese restaurants, a Cantonese restaurant and a Japanese eatery. Star World Hotel has over 500 deluxe rooms.

The Grand Waldo Hotel & Casino (Macau) – The Grand World Casino has 334 slots and 168 casino tables. The Grand Waldo Hotel has 320 hotel rooms, a gym, karaoke bar, nightclub, 6-story spa, swimming pool and gift shops. To contact The Grand Waldo Hotel and Casino, dial +853 703 318.

Tiger Slots at Macau Tower (Macau) – The Tiger Slots Convention and Entertainment Center has 200 gaming machines, as well as a buffet, deli, cafe and three restaurants. The Tigers Slot Casino has +853 98 4200.

Wynn Macau Casino (Macao) – Wynn Macau Casino has 1,270 slots and video poker machines and 390 casino table games. The Wynn Resort in Macau also has a 600 room hotel with a gym, spa, swimming pool, gift shops and hair salon. The shops feature some of the most famous designers in the world, including Giogio Armani, Christian Dior and Prada. To call the Wynn Macau Casino, dial +853 288 89966 or visit their online site at

Casino Macau Jockey Club (Taipa) – Casino Macau Jockey Club has 13 gaming tables, as well as a sports book and a race book. The casino space also offers three restaurants and is associated with a 400 room hotel. Call +853 837 788 if you have questions for the Macau Jockey Club Casino.

Casino Marina (Taipa) – Marina Casino has 20 gaming tables and 37 gaming machines, as well as a 312 room hotel. General information at Casino Marina is at +853 288 33623 and +853 288 38333.

Casino New Century (Macau) – New Century Casino has 5 restaurants, a 573 room hotel, 100 slot machines and 500 table games. The number for Casino New Century is +853 831 111.

Casino Taipa (Taipa) – Taipa Casino has 10 game machines and 8 tables, as well as five restaurants, a health club, golf court, disco and jogging track. Taipa Casino has general information numbers at +853 288 31537 and +853 288 33063.

Crown Macau Casino (Macau) – Crown Macao Casino has 550 video gaming machines and 222 poker and table games. Crown Macau Casino can be reached at +853 288 68888.

Mocha Taipa Square Casino (Taipa) – Mocha Taipa Square Hotel has 150 video gaming machines. The telephone number for Mocha Taipa Square on +853 780 233.

The Venetian Macao (Taipa) – The Venetian Casino in Macau has 3000 video gaming machines and 870 casino table games, including selections of Caribbean Stud Poker, 3 Card Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Chinese Sic Bo. The Venetian has an incredible number of restaurants and bars, including 19 sit-down restaurants, a food court, a coffee house, a cafe and a bar.

The restaurants include Chinese, Cantonese, Japense, Italian, American, Mexican, Portuguese and Dim Sum cuisine, as well as a a sushi bar and a steakhouse. The Venetian Macao Hotel has 3,000 rooms for rent. To call the Venetaian Macau Casino, dial +853 288 28888 or visit their internet address at

Dog Racing in Macau

Canidrome (Macau) – Canidrome Dog Track is a 500-yard racetrack in Macao City. You will also find a race book for greyhound racing events at the venue. Call +853 333 399 for more information about the Canidrome Track, or visit their website at

Horse Racing in Macau

Macau Jockey Club Racing Complex (Taipa) – Macau Jockey Racetrack is found in Taipa in the Macau Province of China. The race book at the the Jockey Club Racing Complex allows for pari-mutuel wagers on their thoroughbred races. The phone number for the Jockey Club track is +853 288 21188 and the website can be found at

Macao Information

Macau was the first European colony in Asia, with the Portuguese creating an enclave there in 1535. Portugal signed treaties to trade on the islands of Macau in that year, and signed new treaties in the 1550’s to allow facilities on the nearby mainland. Macau began its four-and-a-half century history as a Portuguese colony, even becoming an episcopal see in the late 16th century, due to the large number of Portuguese settlers to the region.

Macau was contested by the Dutch in the 17th century, but Portugal remained in power in Macao. They extended their Chinese domains in the mid-19th century, adding Taipa and Coloane to their control in the 1850’s and 1860’s, following the events of the Opium War.

Macau became an official Portuguese colony in 1887, when Portugal and China signed the Sino-Portuguese Treaty of Amity and Commerce. This treaty allowed Portugal to retain Macao perpetually, and the Portuguese agreed in turn not to turn the colony over to another foreign power.

The Kuomintang abrogated the treaty in 1928, and signed their own treaty that left sovereignty over Macau an unsettled question. When the Communist government took over China in 1949, it once again spoke out against past treaties as one-sided, but declined to force a crisis with Portugal.

1966 saw riots in Macau about Portuguese rule there. The crisis led to Portuguese recognition of eventual Chinese rights in Macau, and the government of Portugal issued a formal apology for the 200 deaths which occurred in the wake of the 1966 rights.

Portugal’s authoritarian government was overthrow in the bloodless Carnation Revolution of 1974, restoring democracy to Portugal. The leftist Portuguese government determined it would renounce all of Portugal’s overseas colonies. In 1976, Portugal granted Macau a large amount of autonomy. In 1979, Portugal signed a treaty with China announcing that Macao was a Chinese possession being temporarily governed by Portugal.

In 1987, Portugal and China signed a treaty that would make Macau a special administrative region of China in 1999. Macau is allowed special autonomy at least until 2047. Macau’s startling economic rise should give the region special consideration when it comes time for China to reassess the future of the region.

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