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Moldova Gambling

Moldovan Gambling Information

Gambling in Moldova is allowed, though casino interests are not that widespread at present. There are four small casinos in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. These are placed in hotels and cater to foreign visitors and businessmen. As more investments and greater prosperity come to Moldova, one can assume more gaming venues or poker rooms will come to the Moldovian nation.

Casino Gambling in Moldova

If you intend on gambling legally in Moldova, there is one city in the country where you can do this: Chisinau.

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova and is located in the center of the country, and therefore is not a port city, like many cities that house casino resorts. Chisinau rests on the banks of the Bic River, which is itself a tributary of the Dniester River, which forms a good portion of the boundary between Ukraine and Moldova. The Dniester River flows into the Black Sea.

Even if you find one of the four casinos listed below, don’t expect the full casino experience in Moldova. None of these casinos have poker tables or slot machines, so you’ll have to make do with blackjack and roulette.

Moldovan Casinos

Admiral Casino (Chisinau) – To call Admiral Casino for information on their casino set-up, call +373 22 229 676.

Casino Grand (Chisinau) – Casino Grand offers four gaming tables which include games of Blackjack and American Roulette. The casino stays open from 2pm in the afternoon until 5am in the morning. The phone number for Casino Grand is +373 22 242 465.

Cosmos Casino and Hotel (Chisinau) – The Cosmos Casino operates out of the Casino Hotel, which also has a restaurant, bar and 330 hotel rooms. The gaming floor at Cosmos Casino includes four gaming tables, offering American Roulette and Blackjack and staying open between 2 in the afternoon until 6 in the morning. The contact information for Cosmos Casino is +373 22 277 553 and the website address is

Seabeco Hotel and Casino (Chisinau) – The Seabeco Hotel has a small gaming space for those wanting a casino experience. Seabeco Casino offers 5 gaming tables, offering your choice of Blackjack or Roulette. The contact information at Seabeco Hotel and Casino is +373 22 232 875. The casino stays open from 6pm until 4am.

Club Flamingo and Xanadu Casino

I have seen one source which lists a Club Flamingo and a Xanadu Casinos operating in the Republic of Moldova. I have not been able to verify that report, so I did not include these two casinos in the above information.

From what I can tell, Club Flamingo is just what it sounds like: a nightclub. As for Xanadu Casino, I know there is one is Kyrgyzstan, but I haven’t found further evidence of one in Moldova.

Sports Betting in Moldova

The Divizia Nationala is the major Moldovan soccer league. Sports betting in Moldova centers around football matches in this league, as well as other nearby European matches.

Moldova History and Politics

Moldova is one of the poorest nations in Europe. Moldova was as far back as the Middle Ages part of the Principality of Moldavia. Moldavia became a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire. When the Ottoman Turks began losing wars and territory to the Russian Empire, Moldova was separated from the Moldavian Principality. The Russians annexed Moldova, though they called the region Bessarabia. This separation would become pivotal in the history of Moldova.

When Romania first formed in 1859, it combined the provinces of Moldavia and Wallachia, and gained full independence in 1878. Both events occurred after the defeat of once-powerful Eastern European empires in wars not directly involving the Romanians, the Austrian Habsburg Empire (in Italy, of all places) in 1859 and the Ottoman Turk Empire in a war versus Russia in 1878.

When the Russian Empire fell apart due to their loss in World War I and the subsequent revolutions of 1917, Bessarabia joined Romania. After Stalin signed his pact with Hitler in 1939, this gave the Soviet Union a free hand in Bessarabia, which the Russians occupied.

This led to Romanian resentment, who in turn joined Nazi Germany in their war against the Soviet Union in 1941. The Romanians regained Moldova in 1941, only to lose it to the Soviets in 1944. The Soviets took Bessarabia once more from Romania, splitting the territory between Ukraine and Moldova, two regions directly part of the U.S.S.R.

Moldova After the Soviet Union

At the end of the Soviet Union, Moldova declared its independence from the Russians. The Russians agreed to remove troops from Moldova, where they were stationed in the Transnistria region since 1993. Despite this promise, the Russian troops remain to this day, where they give legitimacy to the claims of Transnistrians of independence from Moldova.

Tensions between Moldova and their former countrymen in Romania are less direct, though sometimes troublesome. When Romanian authorities relaxed citizenship laws to include more Moldovans, the government of Moldova complained. While the Russians and Romanians have never recognized Transnistria as an independent state, neither side seems willing to help Moldova rid itself of this problem. Ukraine is somewhat more helpful, perhaps because Transnistria has become a problem area for drug smuggling into Ukraine.

Moldovian Facts

Interestingly, Moldova is one of only two countries in the world with a democratically elected Communist ruling government. Despite this, Moldova seeks to join the European Union and is a member of the NATO Partnership for Peace.

The PIP was a NATO initiative to foster trust between the NATO members and members of the former Warsaw Pact, states which were satellites of the Soviet Union. Moldova is a declared neutral country. It is a member of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

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