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Norway Online Gambling

Norwegian Gambling Information

Gambling is legal in Norway. Several Norwegian state-run companies are licensed to take bets, and Norwegians can enjoy a combination of land-based casinos, online gambling, sports betting, pari-mutuel wagers and lottery games. Foreign sports books and online casinos are also given some latitude in Norway, though these are closely watched by the Norwegian Gaming Board.

Below is a list of the few brick-and-mortar casinos in Norway, as well as a full rundown of the Norwegian gaming organizations of note.

Casinos in Norway

Drammen Travbane (Dramman) – Drammen Travbane is found in the Buskerud region of Norway in the city of Drammern. The online contact information for Dramman Travbane is You can call the casino at +47 32 21 87 00 or fax Drammen Travbane at +47 32 21 87 10.

Øvrevoll Galoppbane (Oslo) – Ovrevoll Galoppbane is the only casino located in the capital of Norway, Oslo. Contact the casino online at or call at +47 22 95 62 00.

Lottery in Norway

The name of the Norwegian lottery is Norsk Tripping, which can be located at Norsk Tripping lotteries include Double Jackpot, 20 Million Dollar Lottery, a Keno games, Lotto, Viking Lotto and Joker games. Gamblers at Norsk Tipping can also place bets on Premier League football games and other forms of sports betting. Other games include Extra, a game similar to Bingo, Oddsen, an odds betting game, and Flax, and instant lotto game.

Norsk Rikstoto is another state owned Norwegian lottery company. Both Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping also set lines on horse racing and odds gaming. Norsk Rikstoto also takes sports bets.

The Norwegian Gaming Board regulates all Norwegian lotteries. The NGB was established in 2001, taking over the gambling regulation once handled piecemail by 54 different Norwegian bureaucracies. Lotteries in Norway give a percentage of their revenues to over 5,000 different charity organizations.

Norwegian Slot Machines

Norway’s slot machine industry includes over 21,000 gaming machines, raking in around $10 billion per year. Some Norwegian officials are attempting to write new laws that would place slot machine gaming under control of Norsk Tipping As as a state-run monopoly, so funds from slots would go to humanitarian causes instead of private interests.

Also, the government of Norway would like to cut the number of slot machines fro 21 thousand to 10,000. Starting in 2004, Norwegian slot machines were registered with a central data base called Lotteri-registeret, which is meant to help the Norwegian Gaming Board get control on Norway’s slot machine industry. The age limit for playing slot machines was raised to 18 in the same year.

Viking Lotto

Viking Lotto is a joint lotto game held by a group of Nordic countries where viking cultures once thrived. This includes Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Estonia. Viking Lotto is somewhat similar to Mega Millions jackpots in the United States, with larger prizes because of the larger betting pools.

Online Gambling in Norway

The Norwegian government has also licensed certain organizations to conduct internet gambling on an experimental basis. Norsk Tipping is allowed to conduct lottey gaming and sports betting, while Norse Rikstoto can take horse racing bets. is also allowed to have an online lottery site for Norway.

Non-Norwegian gambling sites were once allowed to host players from Norway, though this gaming was watched by the Norwegian Gaming Board. Chief among the online gambling sites used in Norway were Casinolux, which took casino players from Norway, and William Hill Sportsbook, which took bets on the outcome of football matches held in Norway.

Norway History

Norway is located in Scandinavia, and is one of several countries descended from the famous Viking cultures of the Middle Ages. The Norwegians had a major impact on the development of England in the early Middle Ages, due to Viking raids and settlements of eastern England by the Danes and Norwegians.

One King of Norway, Harold Haddrada, landed an army to claim his right to rule as King of England. This attempt failed due to the efforts of the Anglo-Saxon King Harold, who was in turn defeated a few weeks later by the Norman French Duke, William, later known as the Conqueror.

The kingdoms of Denmark and Norway were often connected throughout the centuries, at one point for over 400 years at one time, all the way up until 1814. Sweden was sometimes a part of the same union, due to royal marriages and alliances.

Norway took a Danish prince in that year and wrote their own constitution, but a war broke out with Sweden because the Swedes believed they were promised Norway as compensation for their help in defeating Napoleon. Sweden was not able to defeat the Norwegian army decisively, but was able to force a union with them. Effectively, Sweden handled Norwegian foreign policy, while Norway kept the constitution and maintained control over all other aspects of government.

Sweden and Norway would peacefully separate in 1905. Norway was able to remain neutral in World War I, but Norwegian attempts to maintain neutrality in World War II failed in 1940. The British Navy mined Norwegian waters to forestall a Nazi invasion, which in turn led to a massive German invasion. The Nazis imposed a collaborationist government which was eventually administered by the infamous Vidkun Quisling.

The Norwegian resistance bravely aided the Allies in sabotaging Hitler’s heavy water facilities, forcing Hitler to abandon early plans to build an atom bomb. After World War II, Norway joined NATO and became a close U.S. ally. Despite a booming economy from the 1960’s on, Norway has never joined the European Union. Norway’s population has twice narrowly voted down proposals to join the EU.

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