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South Carolina

South Carolina Casino Gambling

There are in fact no casinos “in” South Carolina. Since the Johnson Act in 1951 it was against the law to sell, possess, or harbor any gambling device. In the early nineties though it was decided that boats outside the state borders could serve as a place for gambling provided that it was not on a “cruise-to-nowhere”. In 1998 the federal district court in Charleston came to the conclusion that the gambling “cruises-to-nowhere” were not against the law. Since that reling, three 3 cruise casinos have made a successful business in South Carolina. The Diamond casino Cruise, the SunCruz Casino in Myrtle Beach, and the Big M Casino in Little River.

South Carolina Recreational Gambling

As of now, if you’re playing some 5 card draw with your buds in your own basement with the pot at one dollar, you’re breaking the law. From poker to races to gaming machines if you’re betting on it in South Carolina it’s illegal. If you’re found playing any of these you can be put in jail for up to thirty days and fined a hundred dollars. If you’re basement guy, and get caught, for having that game in your house you can serve a twelve month jail sentence and a two thousand dollar fine. South Carolina did propose a bill in 2007 to let a person hold or play a game at a residence, but only for recreational activity. The bill is still pending and looks like it may be for a while.

South Carolina Lottery

There is a reason that the South Carolina constitution is stringently against gambling and the lottery in particular. It can be traced back to the Louisiana Lottery scandal in the late nineteenth century. While all states ended there lotteries, it just happened to coincide while South Carolina was drafting its 1895 constitution and due to the deep south mindset of the day gambling was viewed as a somewhat low class was to pass time. Many South Carolinians would argue their state has a moral stance on gambling, and certain southern states like South Carolina and Georgia frown on casino gambling outside of the not-for-profit context.

The South Carolina Lottery was voted on by South Carolina voters in 2000 and put into full swing in January 2002. Called the South Carolina Education Lottery, it is used to push educational funding by offering the lottery to adults. There are more than 3,500 licensed retailers for the South Carolina Lottery. The 06-07 year saw total sales at $988 million. The total amount given to the Educational Lottery Account is up to $1.46 billion since conception with $273 million from 06-07. The administrative overhead, on which the South Carolina Educational Lottery can spend 8% of the gross end product, was reduced to 4.6% resulting in more money put to the total education earnings. The South Carolina Educational Lottery is ranked among the best in the country for the per capita transfer of the lottery money, which is basically the amount transferred to the educational account divided by the state population.

South Carolina Bingo

There was one Indian bingo hall, the Catawba High Stakes Bingo. There were promised a second casino in early 2003 but was closed as all South Carolina bingo legislation has been repealed.

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