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Pennsylvania Online Sports Betting

Find information on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s licensed and state regulated internet casinos and Pennsylvania sports betting sites by access the PGCB website through the link provided.

PA online sports betting is growing at a super-rapid pace and online gambling fever is spreading across the United States of America.

Its kind of surreal because it was 20 years ago when I got my start promoting virtual casinos on line. Its too bad US regulation hasn’t moved more quickly. Its still good news an economic boom is on the way…

StatesOnlineCasino is a place to inform yourself on how gamble without the fear of losing your cash due to playing a crooked casino. You worked hard to get it after-all so safeguard yourself and protect your money about where you choose to bet on the net.

Visit us each week to look for new welcome bonuses and special exclusive limited time offers from new regulated sportsbook advertisers being added soon to’s website. Once our state licenses get approved we’ll start to create guides to each state as the approvals come through.

College Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

College students at Penn State University were no doubt giving each other major high fives after a major increase in betting on the 2020 Super Bowl with some bettors winning tends of thousands of dollars. 2019 was a record year for internet gambling revenues in Pennsylvania. Having legal sports betting in PA in the second half of the year helped improve their revenue numbers, with bets from college students making up a good piece of the pie.

Overall, PA online sports betting will keep going and growing until it reaches full maturity. I estimate that will take 5-10 years, largely dependent on how long it takes the Federal Government of the United States to get in on regulation of internet gambling federally. That’s the way to go.

I think that Federal online gambling regulation in the United States of America the best solution.

Until then, iGaming related businesses, including our own, will have to apply to each state individually which naturally is more costly and time consuming. Since state regulation is the way, for now at least, I’m creating a network of state specific websites to cover the industry.

Please take a look at my new website and post a comment or say hello. PA sports bettors and web casino players will see new bonuses from Pennsylvania online casinos and real money PA sportsbooks licensed and approved by the PGCB. *Please note, I’m currently applying for my Pennsylvannia internet marketing license and have been told approval from PGCB can take several weeks so might appear empty until then.

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