Sports Gambling in United States

Sports Gambling in United States

USA Sports Gambling

Online sports gambling is gearing up for blastoff in the United States and more legal sportsbooks open doors for USA bettors. United States sports gambling was made legal (or made possible to become legal) in 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of online gambling creating the pathway for each state to decide their own local online sports betting laws and regulations.

Here at States Online Casino USA we focus on virtual casinos mostly. However, from time to time I’ll dabble with a small sports bet here and there. I’m not the biggest sports fan so I’ll be honest and tell you I’m not very good at betting on sports. I can play one heck of a game of blackjack though.

Daily Fantasy Sports on States Online Casino

Anyone want to try a friendly Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) competition this 2020 NFL football season? DFS sites like DraftKings and Fanuel offer taken their services way beyond daily fantasy sports.

Sports Gambling USA is a reliable source for trusted online sportsbook & USA gambling site reviews. Visit them on the web at to see the best rated U.S. licensed sportsbooks for NFL football & NBA basketball betting in 2020. Learn betting tips on prop bets and learn how to bet live during the game online.

States Online Casino - American Football Gambling
American Football Gambling (NFL) Vector illustration source: will be providing our own online sports book reviews of United States sports gambling websites later this year sometime in 2020.

Legal Online Sports Gambling in United States

We’ve just been informed this week that there’s a $2,000 fee to get an PA license to promote the the state’s legal Pennsylvania online sports betting sites regulated in the state. As Pennsylvania is the largest state in the nation thus far to allow for regulated online betting I guess that’s a fairly reasonable price.

Although, no licensing fee for digital marketing affiliates would be much better for both small businesses and the USA economy as it will allow us all to scale the sports marketing process across all of United States of America in a much easier and more efficient way than having to go to each state one by one to get started marketing sports gambling online in USA.

Federal Sports Betting Regulation in USA

This is also another good reason for the U.S. to move forward with a widespread federal internet gambling regulation in the United States. Players looking for casino games with the highest payouts can look over our list of the net’s best online casinos that payout real money.

States with Legal Online Gambling

Legal USA online gambling is spreading fast and its important the U.S Government acts NOW to maximize its income potential as the U.S. sports betting market booms in the upcoming few years. (SOC) is going to keep this page updated with online betting news as more United States sportsbook operators come to the country with new legal, live sports betting operations.

US States with Legal Online Sports Betting

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • Vermont

Casino players are advised to take a thorough look over our online casino reviews page to learn exactly what 5 things to look for when choosing a casino to gamble on the inter-web.

Offshore Sportsbook

Many USA online sportsbook sites are licensed and regulated offshore. Some internet sportsbooks have reputations that would scare you away so fast that you don’t have to bother about betting there in the first place. They suck as sports gambling operators and only show up as online sportsbooks to take your US dollars away.

Trusted Online Sportsbooks

On the other hand, there are many great USA offshore sportsbooks such as Intertops for example.

I like to use this sportsbook operator as an example because they have one of the most outstanding reputations in the i-Gaming world after 22 years in operation (Intertops has all positive reviews).

What makes Intertops sportsbook so amazing is they’ve been satisfying their customers and elevating the online sports gambling industry for 22 years and counting. That’s exactly the kind of betting site we know is going to treat their customers (our readers) with first class service from A to Z.

Anyone that manages to run their online business for 22 years with an impeccable reputation for gaming fairness and professional customer service is worthy of being mentioned/recommended.

Intertops is a top pick for U.S. players that don’t have access to state regulated online sports betting yet. They are NOT licensed in the United States however so mention that with your legal council 1st before placing a bet at Intertops.

Check with your family lawyer before you gamble online at an offshore sports gambling site. provides information for entertainment purposes only. We do not promote illegal activities nor do we endorse them.

It is the responsibility of the person wagering to make sure they reside in a region that does not restrict your rights to gamble on the net.

States Online Casino does not provide legal advice as the online gambling laws change drastically all over the globe. Our best advise is for you to check local laws before you start betting at offshore regulated web betting sites that also have offerings of online sportsbooks in the United States.

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