Addiction: Recovery from battles with compulsive gambling.


I am a big supporter of responsible casino gaming. I do not think that it can be stressed enough just how important it is. Gambling addiction can sneak up out of nowhere. That’s what happened to me.

I was a casual blackjack player for 15 years before I became a semi-pro blackjack player/gambling addict. My skill level is such that if I didn’t have a gambling problem then the casinos simply would refuse my business.

Blackjack is a different game that almost EVERYONE simply just doesn’t get. I’m way too good at the game. The casinos HATE IT.

I see past their tricks and schemes. I can navigate them for awhile and stay slightly profitable / even / slight loss. But eventually, the game is rigged and I was outnumbered which always ended in the same result.

Going home with am empty wallet and a sad sense of self loathing. Gambling addiction is a REAL PROBLEM for many people.

If you have a problem with gambling I can be a support person for you. I’d be happy to do that for anyone that is struggling with their own personal battle with addiction to casinos, poker or sports gambling. Just contact me through this site an I’ll be here to help.

Really, I mean it. I’ve known my purpose in this world my entire life. I’m here to help other people. I’ve always known that and its always been my driving force behind my crazy 3 day workathons.

These days I find myself on the internet working long days instead of inside the casino play blackjack for days on end. If I quit gambling compulsively then anyone can quit. When I get the itch to gamble I try to stay away from the casinos and play some free casino games as a much healthier way to play.

I hope that you’ll take my advice and be cautious and aware of the dangerous waters that can quickly envelope the lifer of an addicted gambler.

On States Online Casino you can find plenty of free gaming alternatives to try for fun play in addition to our reviews of online casinos that pay real money. The wisest among you shall go down the path of free games and will have much more great fortunes because of it.

And the GOOD NEWS is the LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL when you leave your addictive struggles in the past.

These days when I go to a casino I am very responsible with my betting. I set strict low limits and stick to them. I’m also usually ready to leave before my bankroll runs out which is a nice contrast to the past alternatives of struggling with the problem.

There is bright hope for people dealing with addiction problems.

  • BeGambleAware is also an excellent organization for anyone in the UK.

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